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February 10 2013

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Playing Real Life #AngryBirds ☺

December 08 2011

December 05 2011

November 10 2011

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Watch out: Astronauts, Dinosaurs and Wildlife Animals in the Mall!

Live Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel UPC (von VerzeaIonut)

November 09 2011

webfeuer brennt jetzt auch auf Google+

Folgt dem Feuer! => webfeuer auf Google+

webfeuer auf Google+

November 07 2011

Secrets of How to ReTweet Effectively Better

When Twitter started off, it was nothing but a place to put your status. Now, Twitter has expanded to become a Social Media Giant and fastest means of communications. With its powerful information sharing, it turn into a stream of up-to-date news. Over its last few years, Twitter came up with several actions, acronyms and tagging. One of the most useful action is “Re-Tweet”…

Read full story on ruhanirabin.com

50 Reasons Why Nobody Is Following You On Twitter

A couple of years ago I wrote a fairly popular post entitled 16 Reasons Why We Might Unfollow You On Twitter. A lot has changed on Twitter over that period, so it’s time for an update…

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10 Best Practice Tips for Facebook Page Content Publishing

Before the rise of the social media age obtaining feedback negative or positive was restricted to private abuse over the phone, compliments in a personal email or a glowing testimonial in a letter…

Read full story on jeffbullas.com

8 Great Twitter Tools That Will Get You Tweeting Like A Pro

The reasons to join Twitter are plentiful. In fact, Jeff recently wrote a wonderful post on why it is often misunderstood and people aren’t jumping onto it earlier.

The experiences I have had with Twitter were amazing and it was by far the most valuable Social Network for me to use…

Read full story on jeffbullas.com

11 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Can Do

Apple products are, by their very nature, extremely intuitive. They know what you want almost before you do, and the new iPhone 4S can even speak. But beyond that, this phone and its predecessors can do a ton of cool stuff that you might not even know. This can seem ominous if you’ve watched the Terminator flicks one too many times, but ultimately, dude, you still have the power. Especially once you study up on the 11 killer apps and secret features below. Not only would they make Steve Jobs proud, they can change your life. For the better, of course…

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NO Privacy Settings Will Save You From Social Media Stupidity | Cindy W. Morrison

I always say… if you don’t want it printed on the front page of the newspaper… DON’T POST IT ONLINE!! Sometimes people look at me like deer in the headlights.. other times I hear a mumbled comment like, “well, I have privacy settings.” Hmmm… maybe I’m not saying it strong enough…

Read full story on cindywmorrison.com

65% of Marketers Don't Track Leads From Social Media [Data]

Is the primary goal of your social media initiatives to generate more and more fans and followers? It shouldn’t be. While increasing your social media reach is a great thing to aspire to achieve, more fans and followers are really just a means to an end. So what should you be hoping to achieve at the end through that increased reach? More traffic, leads, and ultimately customers, of course!…

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4 Essential Facebook Page Apps to Improve Communication With Fans

The number of Facebook applications can seem a little overwhelming at times. While Facebook doesn’t share an exact number, an independent website called AppData monitors trends for over 100,000 Facebook applications, which is a lot to sift through…

Read full story on mashable

Facebook vs. Google: The battle for the future of the Web

FORTUNE — Paul Adams is one of Silicon Valley’s most wanted. He’s an intellectually minded product designer with square-framed glasses, a thick Irish accent, and a cult following of passionate techies. As one of Google’s lead social researchers, he helped dream up the big idea behind the company’s new social network, Google+: those flexible circles that let you group friends easily under monikers like “real friends” or “college buddies.” He never got to help bring his concept to consumers, though. In a master talent grab last December, Facebook lured him 10 miles east to Palo Alto to help design social advertisements. On his blog, Adams explained, “Google values technology, not social science.”…

Read full story on cnn.com

October 31 2011

The Mark Zuckerberg Halloween Mask: Resurrection

Last year our printable Mark Zuckerberg Halloween Mask went viral and was a big hit in Austria and Germany. Blogs and media all over Europe covered it and we even found a video of some guys wearing it at a “Mark Zuckerberg Clubbing” in Prague. 

For this years Halloween we decided to do a remake and created three different versions of the legendary Mark Zuckerberg Halloween Mask, which will really scare you down to the bone. :)

Happy Halloween!

(Click on the pictures to download the printable versions)

Mark Suckerberg

Mark “666” Satanberg

Mark Rottenberg

The Original Zuckerberg Mask From 2010

Created by @webfeuerJonny

September 16 2011

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Mark Schaefer interviews Brian Rudolph, international social media expert (von MWSchaefer)

Posterous Reborn: Spaces Challenge Google Plus and Facebook

Are you looking for creative ways to spread the word about your Facebook page? Your fan page can be one of your organization’s richest sources of interaction, R&D and lead generation. The only problem is making people aware of it!…

Posterous reborn

20 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page | Social Media Examiner

Are you looking for creative ways to spread the word about your Facebook page?

Your fan page can be one of your organization’s richest sources of interaction, R&D and lead generation. The only problem is making people aware of it!…

The 11 Twitter Apps and Tools I Use Daily in 2011

The secret to success in utilizing Twitter for social media marketing in 2011 is in taking advantage of all of the 3rd party apps that exist for the platform. If you go to a Twitter application directory site you will literally find hundreds if not thousands of these apps available for you to use for free. The problem in 2011 is that many of these applications are old or just plain old don’t work as advertised…

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