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September 16 2011

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Willkommen bei facebook - EXTRA 3 - NDR (von ARD)

Twitter Introduces Free Twitter Web Analytics Tool

Ever get a hankering for some Twitter web analytics? Well, it looks like your craving is about to be satisfied. Twitter announced today that it will be releasing its own official Twitter Web Analytics tool, which is aimed at helping website owners understand how much traffic they generate from Twitter as well as the effectiveness of Twitter integrations on their websites…

twitter analytics

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Mark Schaefer interviews Brian Rudolph, international social media expert (von MWSchaefer)

September 13 2011

The Google Puzzle

Check out this awesome HTML5 experiment for chrome!

The Google Puzzle | Chrome HTML 5 Experiment

50 social media case studies and reports that are well worth reading

As social media evolves as sector we are starting to see some great case studies emerge around the world and we wanted to pick 50 of the best and share them here for you to enjoy. We’ve focused in on the big social media areas of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, mobile and Blogging so as you can drill down in to the area that suits you best. There is a good mixture here of case studies for both smaller businesses and large brands so sit back and start reading and learning from these 50 great social media case studies…

How Consumers Interact With Brands on Facebook [STUDY]

People interact with their favorite brands on Facebook far more than on any other social network, according to a recent study of online consumer behavior.

The study, conducted by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, analyzed the behavior of 1,491 consumers ages 18 and older throughout the United States and revealed a number of details about how people interact with brands on the world’s largest social network…

September 12 2011

The Ultimate Truth About Klout and Influence

Let me start by disappointing you. I do not know the ultimate truth. I just wanted to grab your attention. That’s what you do with a post title now and then. However, now that you’re here: I promise this post will give you a clearer view on Klout, the use of it and the concept of influence from the social network perspective.  Agree? Then, please read on…

Facebook Offered $60 to $80 M. for Foursquare Analogue SCVNGR

Boston-based location check-in game SCVNGR has a lot of overlap with Foursquare, but SCVNGR’s main feature is the ability to create treasure hunts. Founder Seth Priebatsch, subject of this great New York Times piece from last year on entrepreneurs and hypomania, started the company to build “a game layer on top of the world.”…

Sponsored Stories Appear In Facebook’s New Ticker

Facebook is now displaying sponsored stories advertisements in the news feed ticker on the right-hand side of the home page.

Putting sponsored stories into the ticker that Facebook is still testing gives added visibility to sponsored stories…

Gowalla Is Reborn As A Beautiful App For Travel And Storytelling

The location wars had a number of casualties. Some companies shut down, some sold off their remaining tech and talent. Others are still out there plugging away, but at this point, it seems clear that Foursquare won the all-important battle over the check-in. Even Facebook is slowly backing away from that particular space. Now the fun can really begin…

September 11 2011

Social Media Maven: Social Media and the 'Power of The Force'

The Mets will try anything for a win—and to make their fans happy when they don’t win.
Which is exactly why they are turning to Star Wars and social media to drum up business.

Well, ‘Star Wars Night’ is one thing and selling tickets on Groupon is quite another.

But, at least they are putting an effort into getting butts into seats at Citifield. If winning games won’t d it (and they have actually been winning games) social media probably will…

The One Essential Key to Developing Your Social Media Influence

On October 16, 1869 workers digging in a field in Cardiff, New York unearthed a startling specimen; the petrified remains of a 10ft tall giant man.  The owner of the land, George Hull, set a tent over the remains and charged visitors .25 cents to view it.  Droves of people flocked to this tiny farm field in New York - so many in fact, that in just 2 days Hull was able to raise the cost of admittance to .50 cents.  Visitors gazed in thoughtful silence at the twisted and contorted remains, they were transported in their imaginings to an ancient world where giants walked the planet.  It did not take long, however, before archaeologists presented evidence that the giant was no more than a stone carving created by Mr. Hull, and stained with acid to give the appearance of age.  Yet, despite the evidence, many people defended the validity of the giant, unwilling to believe that this beautiful story was not real…

In One Year, Tumblr Goes From 1 Billion Posts To 10 Billion

This morning, I logged into Tumblr (where I run my personal blog) and saw confetti flying everywhere on the screen. Was Tumblr hacked? Were they converting the platform to be Geocities-powered complete with animated GIFs? No, they were celebrating. They just hit 10 billion posts across the network…

Why Empire Avenue? 6 Quick Reasons.

As I have previously noted, I am taking a liking to Empire Avenue! This social media stock market of sorts seems to do a solid job of looking at your network value/worth and making it into a game that is enjoyable for many to engage in. Basically, for those who are not yet signed up for the site, you or your organization sign up, connect all of your social media profiles (and RSS feeds), and then buy/sell virtual shares of other people and brands. As you buy more shares, their stock price tends to increase; along the way, you get dividends for the shares you own in a particular stock. Lastly, in addition to having a stock price, Empire Avenue also scores your various engagement and worth on each of the networks you have connected, giving you more information about how well you are on a particular social media network! But, why should you join this site? I mean – most people are more familiar with Klout and use that more to figure out their “online influence.” Well, here are six quick reasons to consider Empire Avenue in your social media strategy…

Twitter 101: 55 Tips to Get Retweeted on Twitter

Retweets, you have heard about them, you know what they are but you aren’t gettin’ them.

For some reason you just can’t seem to get the engagement you are seeking, desiring and yearning for in social media and Twitter…

September 08 2011

What's Your Social Media Marketing IQ? | ClickZ

As you make your 2012 marketing plans, consider what you need to do to take your social media marketing to the next level. To ensure your firm’s maximizing its social media effectiveness, now’s the time to check your organization’s social media marketing IQ….

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